Message of SCWEC Chairperson

Being a Chairperson of SCWEC, my focus will be to make South Asian borders obsolete. I hope to push the full potential of digital media, e-commerce platforms, webinars fully utilize and ride von the digital bandwagon to help women entrepreneurs cross borders. Training and skills up-gradation is needed to fully realize this potential, and I hope to spend the first year in conducting awareness and training of trainers in this space.

SCWEC could definitely complement SCCI’s agenda of economic integration. SAARC’s share of economic integration as a region is low when compared with corresponding figures from other regions; but the positive trend is clear. Increasing women’s trade participation would swell the numbers positively. For this, policymakers and business communities in South Asia have to push the economic integration in South Asia and the potential benefits that may come along with   it and our membership will definitely be key players in the agenda.

We are conscious that women in  the  region  must  up  their game in being  digitally  savvy. SCWEC  in  my tenure will drive the fast moving digital agenda for use of digital mediums and platforms for promotion of trade, marketing as well as training and learning. There is a huge gap in awareness of the scope that a digitally enabled world could offer and it is in our interest to quickly learn and   grasp   the   cost-effective opportunities. Training across Social entrepreneurship is an equally important area that we will concentrate on. Successful entrepreneurship and businesses could and should include some amount of poverty alleviation. Furthermore, spreading aware-ness on simple steps in social entrepreneurship is a key man-date as it will immediately impact a wider spectrum of women and include them in the economic escalation. These are the 2 main areas that we will concentrate on which we feel will have the maxim return both for the individual entrepreneur as well as the wider circle.

Rifa Mustapha
SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council (SCWEC)