CHANCE Workshop - SCWEC Marketing Outlets and Exposure Tour to AARONG

The CHANCE Workshop SCWEC MARKETING OUTLETS & REGIONAL EXPOSURE TOUR TO AARONG was held at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of this Workshop was to provide inputs to SCWEC on the setting up of their proposed marketing outlets in each country, discuss the existing Crafts Village at Nepal as a good example and study the marketing techniques of Aarong and consider its replication in the SAARC countries. Participants for this Workshop were the office bearers of SCWEC from the member nations of the SAARC region.

Mr Annisul Haq, SAARC CCI President (centre),
Ms. Pramila Acharya Rijal, Chairperson, SCWEC (left to SAARC CCI President) and SCWEC Delegates

Participants at the Dhaka Workshop